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Solar Panel Cleaning


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A solar panel is always good to use. To make sure your panel can be used for a long period, proper maintenance is required which adds life to your panel. It also helps you to keep the panel in good shape. After the installation of the solar panel, you have to take care of that in a better way so that you can use it in the long run. Proper cleaning and maintenance will also help in less damage.



Solar panel cleaning is a must and should be done frequently. Few tips are important and should be followed for better performance of the system. Normally a panel once installed can function for a long time. Following tips are recommended:


Regular Cleaning of solar panel

Cleaning is easy but it’s a very hard and labor-oriented task. To make sure that everything is okay you have to make sure that the solar cells are under no obstruction and untouched for better functioning.  Clean panels will provide maximum energy. Cleaning of the glass located in the panel can be very helpful and it should be done every frequent time. The results are unique. For solar panel cleaning, you can use soft cloth or cotton material. If there is too much dust the best thing is to use water with a pipe and that will help the entire dust move out in no time.


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No shading for better function

The panel has to be installed in such a place that it should not be shaded by any trees or towers installed nearby. Trees may cause shade and that might hamper the proper functioning of the solar panel. You don’t even have to cut trees but you can trim them and see how it works. Avoid trees and towers before installing your solar panel so that your system gets maximum energy and can function well and you get the perfect result using your panel.

A regular check of your solar panel

A regular check of your solar panel is important and should be done regularly. Problems can be detected when you follow parameters and check them regularly. Checking your panel helps you get a panel having a long life. The problem may arise but regular check-ups can minimize your problems and you can be damage-free. Add life add regular checks on your panel.

Daily check-up

This should involve monitoring the displays to make sure you can keep a watch if the inverter display is working. Also, we have to watch out if the green lights are functioning or not?  There should be a manual system to operate if an automatic system fails. We should also keep a watch on the daily record of the output and how the system is performing. This is going to help us a lot in the long run. It gives you an idea of how correctly your panel is functioning and you can utilize your panel to the best.

Checking the panel monthly will help you to check the cleanliness of the panel and the quantity of dust and dirt settling in and around the PV area. You can clean them and expect a better result. Cleanliness matters a lot when it comes to taking care of your solar energy system.

Yearly solar panel maintenance

Annual maintenance means a lot for solar panels. It helps you check the system’s functioning. It detects any major changes in output and also helps to check the panel if there is any scratch, fractures, and more. Yearly maintenance also helps to check the cabling is secure and everything is working accurately.

To provide your energy panel a long life, solar panel cleaning is important and a must. Cleaning of the panel keeps you free from any kind of disturbances. We take great care of our customers who need solar panel cleaning services and our services have their name in the market. Be a part of our experienced and successful team and find out the difference in service we offer you. We also deal with Residential window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, patio cleaning, render cleaning, commercial window cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, and more. Try our services and be the gainer!


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