Bristol Commercial Window Cleaning

Believe it or not, your Bristol customers can subconsciously draw conclusions about your business practices just by looking at your windows. Shiny panes may tell them that you can be trusted, while smeared ones – that you are shady and unreliable. 

Show the world that you’ve got nothing to hide and opt for a fine commercial window cleaning firm today! 

Regardless of whether you own a Corporate business or run a small cafe, people will be much more inclined to enter through your doorway when they can clearly see what’s awaiting them inside.

Dedicated Team

Our Team uses a carbon water-fed pole that can easily stretch as high as the seventh floor of any building.  This system is connected to a water pump inside the team’s van. As soon as we start cleaning your glass surfaces, the demineralised liquid will travel all the way up to the pole’s end and escape through a special brush-head attachment.

The powerful blast of water and the constant scrubbing of the brush-head will cut through resilient dirt stains. Any remaining streaks will get absorbed by the purified water.

Once your panes dry off in the sun, they will remain dust-free for weeks on end!

Health and Safety

For high-rise office buildings, we’ll call in trained window abseilers who will rope down from your rooftop or use cherry pickers and ladders to get the job done. For your piece of mind, we can supply you with a detailed COSHH documentation and we also triple-check all safety equipment.

Bristol Commercial Window Cleaner

We provide Window Cleaning Services for Bristol and the surrounding areas including Bath.