How to maintain and clean the patio of your house?


When the winter leaves it brings spring, and with this beautiful weather comes the hassle of patio cleaning. Algae and other debris get stuck in the cracks of the patio and when the snow melts, it leaves a green coat over your clean patio. If you are a person who likes cleanliness in your home then this situation is a nightmare for you. It is a signal that it is time for a good patio cleaning.


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The first part of this patio cleaning and maintaining is :

Moisture lock

Allowing leaves and debris to accumulate allows moisture to become trapped, promoting mold growth and decay, even on treated wood. The residue moisture stores all this rubbish into the finest cracks of the terrace. Like this, it gradually builds up into a greenish hue onto your patio. So to prevent this you should fill up even the finest cracks with sand and other stuff like this. Usually, no plant can grow in sand, so sand is probably the best option for you. If the damage is already done then you have to call someone professional for a thorough patio cleaning.


When you see an accumulation of debris, sand, and detritus on the patio, sweep it thoroughly with a garden brush. There is a specific tool called Blower Bloom to clean all this mess. If not cleaned and maintained this green coating can be very hazardous to you and your family. A professional can help you in doing all this stuff in an easier and faster way. You can not possibly have all the machines and ingredients at your home to maintain the clean patio, so there you need someone who has all the equipment and materials to do the job. 

Clean in Spring

There is no better time for patio cleaning and maintaining cleanliness other than Spring. The worst of the precipitation has passed, and your patio will be ready for use when the good weather arrives.

A pressure washer, also known as a power washer, is an effective tool for cleaning most pavement kinds. If you don’t have a pressure washing machine then don’t even bother to buy it, it’s expensive. Hiring a company will be much affordable for you and your pocket.

No patio furniture should be left behind

Examine your patio furniture for minor indications of damage that may be readily fixed immediately. Keep an eye on the patio furniture. They need as much attention as your patio. Your hassle will be much decreased if you have plastic chairs and tables, because it resists the moisture and prevents the algae from growing. But if you have wooden furniture then you need to take good care of them. Give them a raisin wash and fill up their cracks also. Otherwise, algae will start from there also and ruin your patio.

Below are a few more tricks and hacks to maintain your patio:

  • The most important and unavoidable hack is to call for a professional. Because only a professional has all the tools that needed to maintain your patio. He has several years of experience, so they know very well what should done in a particular situation. so hire a professional.
  • Always remember, prevention is always better than cure. So, as soon as the Autumn approaches you must start filling up the cracks of your patio with sands or other stuff like this.
  • Use a high-pressure wash to clean the algae, slow pressure will not work in this situation. You will also have to choose the right nozzle to control the water pressure. If not done properly, your patio will still have algae inside it harming your property.

There are many more tricks and tips that only a professional knows. These basic tips will surely help you to maintain your patio for a day or two but they will not give you a long time effect. And also who has so much time to do all this work! 

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